Saturday, April 26, 2014

Recent Likes (tumblr edition)

Love the strappy look. Kind of a more wearable take on the harness trend. Also, I like the long exposure time...makes sheer fabric look even sheerer. It's a cool note for later when I actually get around to doing another outfit post one of these days.

Honestly, I am SO VERY OVER Japanese street fashion. I like this one for some reason. Shoes and sweater and hair and the inner eyebrow tuft thing that people have been doing now for some time. for some reason.

Love it. I updated my Cape post to include this picture. Love the makeup too. And that it is in a graveyard but isn't one of those goth-in-a-graveyard posts we've seen a thousand times.

Guess I'm liking sheer stuff these days.  

The lamest thing I've ever seen. Since making my 2014 trend predictions, I've been flagging instances of my predictions coming true. Here's one of them: the fake piercing. This was at a Lacoste (FACEPALM) Cochella (FACEPALM) party. Kill the rich.
Fall goal purchase: realistic leaf earrings.

Everyone's making clothing out of that scuba gear fabric because of photorealistic printing qualities that are possible with the fabric. I like the current trend of photo-with-fabric-pattern, but not a fan of the fabric. Maybe I don't need an umbrella then?

leaf earrings with this and I'm a forest fae for fall. Maybe a mori girl will wear it with her frumpy frocks. 

More high-end scuba gear. I do like this though. Reminds me of '30s trompe l'oeil dresses.

From THIS season's Alice Auaa (Japan's most popular Goth brands). My sister designed this exact dress for Hot Topic five years ago. FIVE years ago. Honestly, except for maybe Gyaru, Japanese fashion is very dead to me. No innovation. 

Oh, Polyvore Gore, you never, ever disappoint me.

The ONLY acceptable way to style sheer pants. She needs an award for this. She looks like she knows it too. She won fashion week, imo.

Photos like these are why I like nu-goth. No elaborate photoshoots at the abandoned hospital with IN YOUR FACE everything, trying-too-hard expensive Brand clothes. Just some cool stuff you wear every day, a necklace on your head, and the inner darkness of your soul. 


Also, in other news, I'm writing fiction again. I know some of you are also writers. Just wanted to let you know that I'm on Critique Circle with the username Mswolcott. It's an online critique group...probably my favorite one. Maybe you are on it...drop a line and we could be friends there too.


  1. I am so guilty for wearing necklaces on my head. LONG HAIR I DON'T CARE

    I thought that it was just me who was getting sick of Japanese fashion! To be honest, most of my annoyance is from weariness with the crazy 'otaku' japanophilia out there and how oversaturated street fashion is with it now. I really love that idea of how to style sheer bottoms too, and am filling with more burning desire than ever to find an ideal harness.

    1. yeah, I'm debating on DIYing a harness or just buying one from Zana Bayne. Do a post if you find one!

  2. OH god, the sheer pants picture! I need somethink like this! And I also like the cape graveyard girl and all theese natural mori things. I have some fabris leafs and this was very inspiring, I think I'm going to create something :)
    But all theese scuba things makes me sick a bit, it looks so cheap, I think this trend is not for me. And yeah, this fake piercing makes me laugh :D Hope that it won't come to Czech republic :D

  3. Sheer pants? like Aladin but with your underwear showing? I loved the strappy look indeed, and I love nu goth pics for the same reason too! i love how home made nu goth can top so many trad goth efforts.
    I realize that i´m kinda over japanese street fashion as well... i mean we´ve seen everything already, and when you´re not 16 it just looks like too much.
    I will definitely join that critique circle!! i´ve been doing really bad with writing lately and maybe that´s just what i need. thanks for recommending and i would love to read something of yours!!

    1. Yeah, and Japanese street fashion hasn't changed since I was a teenager it seems. And I totally agree that nu-goth can top traditional goth photos. Well, I've got a story up for review on May 7th-May 14. Drop a line and I can follow you there.

  4. I think we've all been too overexposed to Japanese fashion. It's like hearing a song you like over and over non stop for ages - it sounds ordinary and gets annoying. I think the best way to appreciate fashion is not to saturate yourself continuously.

  5. I like fake piercings (I've made my own in the past!), just not when they're quite. Obvious.

  6. I like fake piercings too, but that one is downright ugly...ofc. Dunno about the sheer pants...I personally dislike flashy tights, so I'm not so fond of the look you posted, but sheer harem pants could be something this summer...

  7. I love those leaf earrings. I also would totally wear something made with scuba gear fabric, that sounds like fun!