Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nail Stamping

So, a few weeks ago, I blogged about the new gothic nail stamps from MoYou. Here's the review.

This is my first time using this brand--most of my other stamps are Konad brand. Overall these were nice stamps. My lines weren't as clean as with the Konad designs, but these designs are pretty awesome.
Every nu-goth trend on one nail (Gothic stamp #6)
I'd say the reasons why the lines weren't clean were (and this is good stamping advice in general:

1) I was too slow. For clean lines, you kind of have to move fast, otherwise the polish starts drying and starts getting stuck on the plate or your stamper. A lot of the designs (like the garter above, the crosses, any French design) need to be aligned perfectly, which takes time. Every second you wait, the design gets sloppy.

2) too-thin nailpolish: I used the Essie brand nail polish black for all of these designs (the only black I own) and let me say that Essie is not all it's cracked up to be. It's super thin and doesn't lend itself to stamping. You can see in the belts above that it's kind of sheer. 1-coat nail polishes work best for stamping.

3) Designs with a lot of huge colored areas (like the graveyard below) are kind of have to use the right amount of pressure when you scrape the plate (so you don't scoop out the dark areas) and which direction you scrape kind of matters. I found that I had a lot of excess polish creeping into the design, giving fuzzy lines and splotches.

First time ever the left hand is worse than the right. So, this nail polish is pretty terrible--it looks like whiteout.  I colored in the rose with a marker (still gothic plate #6)

plain shitty lighting. This hand has a sheer nude polish, which works really great with the designs. still gothic plate #6 the pentagram and cross are really cute on short nails. It's tacky as hell to have all different designs on all your nails, but I wanted to show the stamps. 

I'd actually wear these stamps as a design on one "accent" nail
'nother accent nail. I'm a pretty lady.

Gothic plate #4, which doesn't seem to be online anymore. most of these designs are on #3 and #5. The graveyard is super cool...want to do a french manicure set with it). The bats turned out awesome and I love the crow+fence. 

that illuminated manuscript one is awesome, as is the pattern on my middle finger. If you are new to nail stamping, I recommend doing a design like the one on my middle can move quickly, as it doesn't matter which way you align it, and the lines are thin. Thin-line designs are always you can tell by the stitches on my pinkie. Sorry bout the shit job on my thumb...I literally had enough of redoing that nail because I couldn't line it up straight. 


  1. Wow, some pretty amazing effects there! I love the illuminated manuscript, graveyard, stained glass, bats, chains! Checking out their site now! Hoping all the ones I like best aren't gone! Although I will have to deal with my perfectionism...

  2. I had not even heard of stamps on nails before this. *^_^* I am slightly ashamed that fact but plain dark nails have always been enough for me. Though I'm not sure anymore! I think I must try some more decorating, because your nails are so cute and spooky. :D

    1. Oops. I look at so many nail blogs I forget that it's still a fringe thing and not everyone knows these terms. Should have explained some basics there. There's plenty of good YouTube videos on the topic

  3. I never did nail stamping - I'm actually new to the art of doing my own nails, and I suck at it -, so I really didn't understand certain parts of your post, HAHA. Still, I've seen the post with the palettes and I love the way they look on your hands. And there's no need to excuse yourself for a "shitty" job on your thumb: I could never do something as good myself, hahaha.

    1. Sorry about that! There are a lot of blogs and videos on the topic

  4. These look super cool. I'd never heard of nail stamps before. They look like something that would be great on a set of falsies.

  5. I've been trying to use nail stickers and they're useless -_- I should try this and see if it works better.