Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Open Studios

When I first moved to NYC, I used to love hanging out in the art scene in Williamsburg, which is now multi-million dollar condos and rich kids. All the artists are in Bushwick now and once a year, the artists open their studios to the public and there's a big block party and tons of free booze and amazing artwork. Honestly, seeing artwork in an artist's studio beats going to a museum any day.  I feel like art goes to a museum to die. 

here are a some photos from the two days I went. 

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another Caroline Hayward sculpture. I talked to her about's the virgin mary decomposing. I haven't read the bible, but apparently she never decomposed. 

I didn't care for this artist's artwork, but my god, her studio had an amazing view.

who's this dork repping her vampire clan?

i found someone appropriating culture.

I don't remember the name of this artist, but I loved her somewhat creepy pictures of normal american suburban life. 
another one of hers
Some artists did all their projects the night before.

Some work spaces turned into other worlds when you entered. This guy worked with wood and the whole place just smelled like wood and earth. I wanted to live here.
same artist. the entire studio was in warm earth tones...

even his tools hanging on the shelf looked awesome.

Bushwick has changed so much since I moved here. There are amazing murals everywhere.

don pablo pedro was my favorite artist. he won the art walk.

my stoner friend who worked long hours at the gas station did stuff like this. It's ball point pen. I think it's awesome.

why can't our corporate lobby have a taxidermy wolf coming out of a dead tree atop a vintage wheelchair?


this is a painting with amazing optical illusions going on

this artist made a trailer on the street into a mini gallery. it was awesome. I've got a video below

wouldn't be brooklyn without a rooftop 

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#bushwickopenstudios. This guy had a TED talk. 
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  1. There is some great art going on there! I hope my arty friends get their own studios one day! It would be brilliant!

    1. Well, I used the term "studio" loosely. Some of the places were literally the artist's apartment. Though there were rented studio spaces. If I was single, I'd totally live in one.

    2. I'd love to live in a studio too; have some basic furniture and lots of free space to mess around and make art, do photosessions...whatever. :)

  2. I love those first sculptures, so interesting! I'm guessing you don't have many native people in NYC, if that girl were wearing a head dress up here she'd have her ass kicked so fast lol.

  3. That is just so awesome! You're so lucky!

  4. Amazing! :D So many hilarious and beautiful works and getting to see the work spaces of artists is a great opportunity, so it is wonderful they let the public in!

  5. now thats some creative place! i think i would totally forget about time or things to do when i would visit XD

  6. Holy crap, this is so cool! I would love to see real artist's studios. Also LOL to "some artists did all their projects the night before"!