Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trend: Choker Tops

Don't like wearing chokers but love the look? Do you like wearing turtlenecks? Hit the stores, because this is the trend for you.


I'm seeing everyone wearing these tops on the street. Goth brands are picking up the trend again, though I do have to say many of them have been doing it before it was cool, as evidenced by this Lip Service dress I got maybe 8 years ago:

Nope, not cleaning my room, ma
So both the Kill Star and Lip Service top have either a button or a zipper to close the choker part, but I've seen some brands where the choker part is elastic and you pull it over your head like a turtle neck. I imagine that, like turtlenecks, it won't be snug against your neck after maybe 2 washes. 

Kill Star, bought recently...did not think it would be a trend
Personally I kind of find them too fussy and would rather just wear a choker.

Trend: Choker Tops

Have you been seeing these everywhere too?


  1. This is one of those things that would not fit me, I have a shorter neck and disproportionately smaller torso. I guess I'll stick to separate chokers, I just made one today for under $10 and it came out pretty good.

  2. I would have killed for this kind of top when I was 12.
    I mean, like the cold shoulder tops, it's just a trend. I think chockers pretty much do the job anyway.
    But like you photo above (gorgeous!) they will always remind me of fetish goth ;)

    1. Yeah it's very fetish goth! Which I'm kind of liking at the moment... This trend is like everyday fetish goth (lol).

  3. I have always loved the look of these, but I have a short neck and torso, so they look kinda weird on me. I did just buy the most fabulous vampire - ish choker gown in a thrift store tho', I couldn't resist it for $1...:D