Thursday, August 20, 2015

Personal style lately

So, I haven't been sharing as many photos of myself lately. Mostly because it's been outside the scope of this blog, which centers around dark fashion trends. The reason for this is that I'm growing my hair out, and it's in its natural ugly boring shade as I grow it out. Dark fashion is a total-body look, and while some people are fine with having one part of their look mismatching, it drives me crazy. and no matter how I try, I can't make my ash brown hair seem cool.

Another necklace from LSD on etsy. See my review of the other necklace here

The above two pictures are about as goth as I go these days. Aside from an occasional red lip pencil, I don't really wear makeup. For a while I went for an uncanny/strange "natural" look by putting on eyeshadow and blush the natural color of my eye bags. Basically accentuating the parts of your face that makeup is supposed to hide. I'd do this look again. I was never one for "healthy" and "natural" makeup.

 Look how normal.

As for hair, I'm basically wearing hair sticks, which I was getting into last year. In addition to the porcupine quills, I just bought this wood one.

this one

not this one, though I wanted to share it anyway because it's also cool
 What's in my piercings? These macrame weights (better picture of them at this post). Wear them with the 12g septum pincerI love wearing them with that bra top. I feel most on-point when I wear neotribal clothing, which I have like 2-3 outfits. It's an awesome look, but kind of hard to shop for without falling into a boho/hippy look, which I'm really not a fan of. (my most on-point neotribal look would be this one)

Think I should post this on my MySpace? (excuse the editing)

On my hands, I'm loving neon nail polish. And my mother gave me a bunch of her bone jewelry she no longer wears. Us two have the same tastes! Neon pink and bone are awesome together, I must say. I'll do a post on the new stuff, once I get the majority of it repaired.

Also neon nail polish does this strange optical illusion where it makes your skin look super tan.

So, right now, the dark fashion look isn't working for me personally, while I grow out my hair. And no telling me that my brown natural hair is "nice", lol. I heard it all from my mom, who has neon orange hair and wears neon pink lipstick. "You've got such beautiful hair" she says. Yeah, mom, it's the same boring shade as yours, which is why you color it every color under the sun! 

Do I miss dark fashion? yeah. My relationship with my reflection in the mirror is unusual on a normal day, and these days I really have no clue who is staring back at me. It's disconcerting and a little sad, but, eh, once you've found yourself, you can't really lose yourself. 

Those of you in normal-drag, how's it going? Anyone else going for a new look these days?


  1. I hear you on the whole reflection in the mirror thing and having no clue who is staring back, been there! I think you look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! I have the same natural hair color as you so I totally get what you are saying too!

  2. Great looks! Even though the first dark look is so different from the neotribal style, they both look really good on you. :) I do not read a lot of make-up blogs so I did not know that a certain style is referred to as uncanny and I just love that! ^_^ Or is it just the way you described it? Because I am definitely going to use that as a name for a make-up style. :D

    1. Lol no, not an official thing. It's Freud's usage of the term uncanny. Something that looks normal but not.

    2. That is a shame. Freud's Unheimlich would be an awesome name to describe a specific style. Or a name for a clothing brand. ^_^ Uncanny Freud Clothing: distorted clothes and obtrusive make up since 1997.

  3. Yup, my hair was driving me nuts as it was about 2 months late for a cut, but I finally got one today, so I'm happy to be seen online again! I'm kind of feeling the dark bohemian look too? All black, but wouldn't stick out too obviously in a hippy shop.

  4. I think the whole neo-tribal thing really suits you. I LOVE the outfit post that you linked to, it is making me yearn for fall.

  5. I personally think your hair is lovely, but imay be biased as it is a similar colour to my natural hair. I have just gone back natural, my scalp can only take so much abuse!

    I love all your different styles of outfits! So cool!

    Like you i do feel most at home in dark fashion, i guess it is an important part of me!

  6. holy bat myspace still exists? O_O or was that some kind of joke that I now fell for? ^^ And well I am sure it does not hurt to wear other clothes for a while, especially when it helps you going back to your haircolor without feeling strange and this looks nice on you anyways!

  7. I have not been wearing makeup lately as well, as I work nightshifts and the last thing I care about is makeup. And believe me Iook sick (like, physically) when I do not wear makeup. But at some point you stop caring.
    You can try straightening your hair if you really want something different, I liked the updo a lot, it suits you! and pale colors look good on your as well, pale can be very uncanny

    1. Yikes. Night shifts are not easy. Thanks ... I'm liking updos a lot these days

  8. The necklace is lovely and I really like your hairstick <3