Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two Recent Work Outfits

Outfit 1 is pretty corporate--turtleneck and a pleated skirt--except for the asymmetrical lacing. The turtleneck was actually my mom's. Judging from the flared sleeves and the gothiness of it, I'd guess it was mid-90s. It's kind of hard to pull off asymmetry, and it's kind of bizzare that it the lacing does down the boob. like, what are you supposed to wear underneath? It's skin, like a nude undershirt? you'd see the neckline. Another turtleneck, under the turtleneck? electrical tape on my nipples? I ended up wearing a nude bra underneath and just wearing that to work.

I kind of feel like I shouldn't have worn the necklace, which added symmetry to the asymmetrical cutaway, resulting in an unbalanced look. 

High-waisted pleated skirt: American Apparel 
Turtleneck: vintage
Necklace LSD design: reviewed here

Above: looks like I'm wearing this as a skirt! Below: behold the dress that can't be photographed:

So this is a Gary Graham dress from the spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection. It reminded me of a gothic mori style. Oddly the best photo I have of it is while I was trying it on at Century 21, below. You can (kind of) see it has a lot of ruffle details at the bottom, making a classic bottom-heavy mori silhouette. the sheer mesh and lace gives it a classic look. It's a little less weird than the other Gary Graham I own, but I still love it. When I wore it to the office, I didn't button it up (I was, of course, wearing a black mini dress underneath)  and the chiffon and silk billowed behind me like a cape as I walked down the halls.

HA! the professional photographer can't photograph the details of this dress either.
By the way, you can see how short my legs are compared to the model's. The dress barely goes to her knees while it's down to my calf. (If you've got short legs like me, I wrote a post for you about styling for short legs)

Dress: Gary Graham
Boots: Frye
Dress I'm wearing beneath the dress: American Apparel

What have you been wearing to work lately?


  1. I love the Gary Graham dress - I've been really liking the Mori silhouette recently, even though I'm totally bored and oversaturated with Japanese fashion trends. I've not been in at uni much recently (dissertation writing season), but when I am it's usually a floaty blouse over cigarette trousers.

    1. Oh, I'm very over the japanese fashions too. Pretty sure Japan is as well, but they do have a useful lexicon of describing looks, lol.

  2. Both outfits are great but I'm especially fond of the turtleneck sweater! I think the combination of the dress and boots in the second outfit is super cool as well! :)

  3. I think the dress looks better on you, the longer thing looks good, very mori!

    both outfits are really cool!

    1. I'm not a fan of short flowy/ruffled dresses in general, so my height isn't all that bad sometimes

  4. looved the dress, definitely a staple piece :)

  5. DAMN I love the Gary Graham dress!! Also, those are some sick boots, love them!! I cleaned out my closet recently and, since I hate my job, I put all my ugly and old and not stylish clothing into the work section of my closet. I have decided to save my nicer clothing and things that I like for styling outside of work.