Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trend: Minerals

Maybe it's because I like it, but I've been seeing raw stones everywhere.
Diablo Organics

Bibi van der Velden
Bex Rox
There are a number of DIYs out there if you've got a collection of rocks you like. 
gluing DIY on Swell Blog
I really like macrame stone wrapping more since it doesn't damage the stone.

Omg this next tutorial is terrible quality, but the design is perfect for raw rocks and odd sizes. I also saw a really cool Quetzalli spiral earring with rocks hanging like the below. Sorry, I can't find a picture. but it was awesome.

Edit: I found a picture:


  1. I love this! I have a couple of minerals, I think I'll try to make a stone sack pendant or something. ^^

    1. I'm most excited about the sack pendant myself!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's a trend, and not just you seeing things :) Which is nice, because I like raw stones too ^_^

  3. Yes, lovely lovely lovely! So gorgeous! I have always loved semiprecious stones! My favourites are garnet, lapis and amethyst, I have some of each! I also love square cut long quartz pieces, shaped at bit like in the first two pics, I want to get some in the future and make some things. Too many craft plans not enough time or money, ha ha!

    1. yeah, I hear you! maybe I ought to go do some crafts instead of blogging about em

  4. Nope, not you seeing things. I really want to get some crystals for DIY, but it keeps slipping out my mind.

  5. I just bought myself a black onyx "crystal". Protects from people's negative energy and emotions. :)