Friday, July 4, 2014

100 Day Music Challenge 11-20

100 day song challenge continues. I'm also including results from my husband.

Day 11: A song from an artist you are attracted to.

Gary Numan. Yeah, I'm a Numanoid

Husband says the person from Sneakerpimps. He recommends this band.

Day 12: A song from any dead artist.

RIP Alice in Chains.

Husband says Deliah's Gone by Johnny Cash. Again with the Johnny Cash. Too safe.

Day 13: A favourite cover song. (do you know who sang the original?)

NIN covering Joy Division's "Dead Souls"

Husband says: Screaming Females covering Sheryl Crow's "If it Makes You Happy"

Day 14: A song with a good video.

We both say "A Perfect Drug" by NIN. With not even a second's thought. 

We also recommend, as an honorable mention, Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy"

Day 15: A song you hate.

Rihanna's "Umbrella." Listened to this nonstop when I worked in the hood and the "ella ella ella ay ay ay ay" made me want to kill people. 

For the same reasons, my husband nominates Soulja Boy. 

Day 16: A song you like but a friend hates.

All my friends can't stand Foetus. Too bad cause I'm a die-hard fan! eh not the newer stuff though.

He says "I guess any blues song," recommending "Sweet Sixteen" by B. B. King. Yeah, I'm from Chicago and don't like blues. Sue me.

Day 17: A song from a movie. (what is the movie?)

Bile got "big" after this scene in Strangeland, which I've never seen, but I am a fan of this band. They're the "local band" in the "club scene" 

He says: "Cut" Miranda Sex Garden from Hideaway

Day 18: A song from the year you were born.
"Would I lie to you?" by Eurythmics. From an album my mother listened to until I was in my teens.

He says: "I know a song from the NIGHT I was born!" Funky Bitch by Son Seals.

Day 19: A song you think most people would like.

"Rip Van Winkle" by Shannon and the Clams. It's got something for everyong: bebop for the old folks, some surf punk for the cool kids, catchy tunes for the normals, variation in the music for music snobs...Everyone I play this for likes it. 

He says: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery" by Father John Misty. He used to play this song nonstop when we were dating. Great video too. Good dark indie--aka grunge--song

Day 20: A good 80's song.

Gary Numan "Telekon" ...1980 so it counts! So ahead of its time!

He says: Jane's Addiction Ocean Size.

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  1. The Perfect Drug always wins best music video with me, hands down!

    Aw, Eurythmics! I remember the song about the Missionary Man from my childhood! I had no idea what a missionary man was but I loved the song! "I was born an original sinner!"