Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spooky Totem Animals/Plants

Stepping away from dark fashion, I just want to announce a few new goth totem animals to replace the old bats/cats/crow cliche. For funsies.

1. Albino versions of the old favorites. Albino things are beautiful, odd, monochromatic, mysterious, unique, just like you. They also hate the sun, just like you.

The only thing creepier than a regular roach is an ALBINO one.

2. Creatures of the deep sea. I love the deep sea. Deep, dark, cold...
cybergoth anglerfish (y'know, with bioluminescence)

fetish goth gulper eel
fantasy goth dragonfish
The deep sea is basically filled with nightmares. (There are mermaid versions of these on deviant art. )

3. Horror plants
The honey locust tree. Look at this nightmare tree.
nightmare forest (I took this in the Ozarks)

Spikes are creepy, but how about a plant that turns you into an actual vampire? Meet the giant hogweed.

This nightmare plant grows 15 feet tall and is covered in poison that will destroy your skin's protection against sunlight. 2nd degree burns for several years when your skin is exposed to sunlight. 

For my imaginary suitors, roses are nice, but I'd take a thistle any day:

Anything else I should add to the goth animal/plant totem pole?


  1. albino animals are amazing!!! thank you for a week of sleepless nights with that albino roach :D

  2. Hah! I love deep sea fish, so much so they featured in my final art piece for my project. Those honey locust trees look terrifying. I won't mention the roach.

    Tangent: I recently got a pair of new rocks in a charity shop on the cheap - pretty standard black calf high ones, but I have literally no idea how to wear them without them looking too mall goth or loud (I know, why buy new rocks if you want to tone them down, right?). I know you're good at toning down uber-goth stuff, so would you have any suggestions?

    1. Deep sea fish are the best! did you do a post on your art? I don't remember for some reason. and post coming up re the new rock boots!

  3. AHHH!!! The spiky tree is awesome!! I like my Venus Fly Trap, Sherman, but he collectively died this week.

  4. This was a really witty post, I love it! :) Those new pets are awesome, how did you end up thinking them and where did you find the information about that plant that makes your skin weak against sun? Amazing stuff!

    1. yes! here you all about it...super dangerous!!!! I should include the link in the post. will do that now: