Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Site Stats: February

I think, for my own amusement, I'm going to post some monthly information on the Google search terms that led people to this pretty insignificant site. I think it kind of shows trends and what people are searching for.

1. "Blackwork tattoo" pretty much every month, I get visitors coming here based on this post about this tattoo style. I was thinking about getting a tattoo (not interested anymore, by the way).

2. "Givenchy Septum" Why are people still searching for this? It's been a few years since Givenchy shocked the norms with their couture faux septum rings (visitors were lead to this post)

3. "How to pin curl short hair"Recently I did a post on pin curls. I kind of thought it was a weak post and kind of wished I showed off a more pin-curly look than a subtle look.

4. "Nu-goth music" I guess nu goth is becoming its own genre and not just a fashion, if people are searching for music from it. I think it's silly to match your music to your outfit, but this sort of thing matters to teens, who I assume are the ones searching for this. (this is my post on nu-goth music)

5. "rtw 1066x" Huh? 

6. "Septum Jewelry" I guess septums are still trendy.

7. "'Live Models' store" ??

8. "Cool tattoo on finger" everyone's about the finger tattoos these days. Even I was...and I'm glad tattoo artists and others talked me out of it. They look like shit in a few weeks. There's a reason why tattoo artists won't do em unless you've already got tattoos. Getting a tattoo cause you saw it on tumblr is about the worst reason to get one.

don't do it

9. "DIY pentagram garter"  welcome, nu-goth person. I know you love garters. I should do a garter-centric post for you.

10. "Extrem septum" yeah, septums. I like em too.

What broad judgements can I make about the internet this month? well, body modification people are still researching their body mods or are looking for eye candy. That's a given. These kinds of decisions aren't to be taken lightly and the internet is really the best place to see these pictures. Also, nu-goth is here to stay, it seems.

Any of you watch your site stats? what are people searching for on your site?


  1. At first, I read this post and giggled and pointed with the Simpsons/Nelson "haha" noise. Then I checked out the nugoth music post and anxiety hit. I've only been gone from NYC for (x) amount of years and have apparently let my ipod slide into VH1's Where Are They Now: Industrial Bands of the 90s. Any/all coolgirlcred I may have had is apparently gone. Please don't judge me as I now Google those bands because I am Ms. Behindthetimes (who was jamming out to GirlsvsBoys in the car not 2 hours ago today.)

    1. Eh, listen to what you like. If 90s is your thing it's all good

  2. Yeah some of the google search terms make me laugh. Goth girl VS normal was one of them. I got some porn searches thanks to my blog title post streaking DIY (my fault, I was trying to be clever) SOmeone googled "girl streaking" I could only imagine the dissappointment haha!

    1. What were they expecting to find with the first one? A side-by-side comparison? Lol about the streaking

  3. My favourite ever was 'cultists gay photo', I laughed my ass off. Since it was in Polish, I assume somebody confused cultists with bodybuilders, because these two words sound somewhat alike in my language. It only doubled the fun XD

  4. oomg how come i am so in sync with your blog lately?? this must be a sign. i´ve wanted to do a similar post for ages now, always though it was corny, but yours was very entertaining! I wanted to post about search words too, and the percentage of entrances from every country, it´s interesting how much some countries consume of your blog. nu goth is cool, still is!

  5. I feel like 99% of these are just unapologetically me. What can I say? I just love shit tattoos, love Nu-Goth and am totally out of date! :)